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Joe to Go is locally owned and operated. We believe in providing quality products using organic ingredients and have over 40 years of restaurant experience in the St Croix valley and beyond. 

We enjoy working with other small businesses in the area and supporting the community that we love.


Our baristas are fun and quirky professionals (and occasional song writers) who want to caffeinate you in all the best ways. We love what we do and have fun doing it.

Our Story

hello, we're Jess and suzi higgles, owners and operators of Joe to go. we are passionate about good food and drinks. together we have over 40 years experience in the service industry. we have done it all from hosting all the way up to restaurant management. what we learned is that we are good at it!! so we jumped on the chance to become owners of our own business.

now that we are able to call the shots we are able to inject our personalities into our work. we love to have fun with flavors, which makes our monthly specials a lot of fun! suzi has good taste in music, jess listens to kesha! don't be surprised if you get serenaded while waiting for your drink to be made or if you end up with a punny sticker on your lid. we're here to make your day better! 

you may see us around town, make sure you stop and say "hey". we love making new friends!

let me introduce you to Joey, our mascot!

why a sloth, you ask? 

  1. suzi is obsessed

  2. they are also in love with her

  3. they live in the rainforest

  4. they are adorable 

  5. they could use a coffee

we're all little joeys at heart!! 

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the higgles

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